The idea to create our online store was created after the first quarantine .
   Because of the situation, we spent almost two and a half months at home. And fortunately, my friend Lucia gave me a set of painting by numbers .
   I don’t know how to paint, it seemed impossible to me.
But she said "Try it, you can do it !!!”
Eventually, it proved to be not as difficult as I imagined. Now I'm sure everyone can paint like a true artist .
   I managed to paint seven paintings with numbers in two months. My friends could not believe that I had painted these works of art. I explained to them that all the paintings were painted using the method of painting by numbersthey were shocked. Before that, they couldn’t believe that there was such a way of painting. They immediately wanted to try, they ordered their first sets from abroad and after a month they received them, not only that they did finish their first paintings in less than a week, but they were also very satisfied and thirsty to create other similar works of art. The only problem they faced was the long delay in shipping. In order to fill this gap of delay, I decided to set up my own business (eFrog) and bring the painting by numbers to Greece. So now, the shipping instead of a month it came down to one to three days in Greece.. Now everyone can enjoy painting by numbers as soon as possible.
It is a perfect hobby for kids and adultsas well as a wonderful gift  for friends and family.
   Spend your free time creatingThis is not only fun, but also a beautiful decoration διακόσμηση για το σπίτι. Επιλέξτε ένα σχέδιο με το στυλ που σας ταιριάζει και σε μια προσιτή τιμή …
                   Good luck , to your new beginning !!!
                   Thank you for being with us !!!!
                   Team, eFrog  .